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FEDERICA - Federated E-infrastructure Dedicated to European Researchers Innovating in Computing network Architectures

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The FEDERICA project supports research experiments on new Internet architectures and protocols by:

  • Creating a versatile, scalable, European wide, technology agnostic infrastructure, with the possibility to interconnect with the general Internet and other infrastructures. FEDERICA has created "slices" of its infrastructure to be used simultaneously by more than one research group. Each slice may be configured according to researchers' needs, as a combination of Ethernet network circuits and nodes.
  • Facilitating technical discussions amongst specialists, in particular arising from experimental results and disseminating knowledge and NREN experience of meeting users' requirements.
  • Providing preliminary information and results for the next generation of the NREN networks, especially GÉANT3. This includes liaising with other EC projects and research activities.
  • Contributing with real test cases and results to standardization bodies, e.g. IETF, ITU-T, OIF, TMF (IPsphere).
  • Understanding and producing initial solutions on the management and control of distributed, parallel, virtual networks which may communicate between them and with the general Internet.
  • Developing experience and proposing a model for managing and using virtual infrastructures as a combination of networks and systems. Currently, this type of management is in its infancy: pro-active tools are needed for monitoring and services.
  • Enabling the graceful implementation of a new inter-domain service layer.

The FEDERICA infrastructure is devoted to research on the Internet of the future and on virtual distributed systems. It is not intended to be used to provide raw computing power or permanent European connections.

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