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Three types of PoPs have been defined for the FEDERICA infrastructure:

  • Core PoP
  • Non-core PoP
  • Collaborating PoP

The main physical infrastructure is built of Core and Non-core PoPs, which are static components of available resources. Collaborating PoPs can be connected to FEDERICA as resources, although they are remain within the administrative scope of external organizations and are thus not a static part of the infrastructure.

There are currently 14 FEDERICA PoPs, divided into four core and eight non-core installations. Core PoPs are located in:

  • 1. Prague -Czech Republic (CESNET) + monitoring site
  • 2. Erlagen - Germany (DFN)
  • 3. Milan - Italy (GARR)
  • 4. Poznan - Poland (PSNC) + user access site

Non-core PoPs are located in:

  • 5. Sweden (KTH) + management site
  • 6. Hungary (NIIF/HUNGARNET)
  • 7. Greece (GRNET)
  • 8. Greece (ICCS)
  • 9. Switzerland (SWITCH)
  • 10. Spain (RedIRIS)
  • 11. Spain (I2CAT)
  • 12. Portugal (FCCN)
  • 13. Ireland (HEAnet)
  • 14. Poland (PSNC 2nd PoP)

Core PoPs

The connections between Core PoPs creates a full meshed topology spanning locations in Germany (DFN), Poland (PIONIER), Czech Republic (CESNET), and Italy (GARR).

Each Core PoP provide BGP peering between hosting NRENs networks and the FEDERICA infrastructure according to security policies defined by local partners and the FEDERICA project. The applied policy is that the FEDERICA infrastructure is connected to Global Internet.

The virtualization servers at each core PoP consist of at least two virtualization nodes with VMWare ESXi installed. In polish and and Czech PoPs, there are additional servers running services dedicated to user access service and monitoring respectively)

Non-core PoPs

Non-core PoPs infrastructure is less meshed than core backbone, and they have fewer constraints as to connectivity type and technology.

They may use different connection i.e direct or indirect optical link through the GÉANT+ service, or through the physical infrastructures of peering NRENs.

Non-core PoPs are equipped with a single virtualization server, with further options for upgrade as project progresses. All virtualization servers are using the same VMWare ESXi version.

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